Mary Wangui Njire, A KICE Foundation Champion-In Her Own Words

“In Kanyanjara village, Sigona ward where I grew up, the dream of attending high school seemed like an unattainable fantasy, given my family’s humble background. However, fate had other plans for me as I stumbled upon a beacon of hope—The KICE Foundation .
Struggling to find support, I learned about this benevolent organization through my neighbors, and little did I know that it would completely transform my life. The KICE foundation, with its unwavering commitment to education, took me under its wings and provided me with a scholarship that covered my school fees from high school all the way through university. This support was not just financial; it was a lifeline that pulled me out of the depths of despair and uncertainty. High school became a reality, and with each passing year, I witnessed the profound impact of education on my life.

The foundation not only equipped me with knowledge but also instilled in me a sense of empowerment and self-belief. As a woman from a humble background, I found strength in my education, breaking through societal barriers and challenging stereotypes. Entering university, I realized the tremendous responsibility that came with the opportunities bestowed upon me. The foundation not only shaped my academic journey but also fueled my aspirations for the future. As I stand on the precipice of a new chapter, my career aspirations are fueled by a desire to give back to my community.

In terms of career, I envision myself pursuing a path that not only aligns with my passion in Accounting, but also allows me to make a meaningful impact. Whether it’s in the field of education, community development, or another avenue where I can uplift those facing similar challenges, I am driven by the belief that my success is not only for myself but for the community that supported me. Beyond professional ambitions, my social responsibilities are deeply rooted in gratitude. The foundation’s support has not only elevated my individual circumstances but has also inspired me to contribute to the collective well-being of others.

I aspire to create opportunities for those facing adversity, to be a source of encouragement for individuals with dreams that seem out of reach. Reflecting on my journey from a girl with limited prospects to a graduate with a world of possibilities ahead, I am immensely grateful to the KICE Foundation. Their investment in my education has not only transformed my life but has also sown the seeds of positive change for generations to come. As I step into the future, I carry with me the lessons of resilience, gratitude, and a commitment to pay forward the kindness that has illuminated my path.”

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