The Inspiring Story of Kevin Omondi Onyango

Meet Kevin Omondi Onyango, a shining star from Uriri Constituency in Migori County and a good friend to our patron Kimani Ichung’wah. Kevin’s story is one of indefatigable resolve and commitment. He is the quintessential avatar of diligence engendered success. Kevin graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics (First Class Honors) from Masai Mara University; he also attained his CPA-K in the same year. He never wavered in his pursuit of academic excellence despite struggling to raise school fees and often having to seek assistance in the form of bursaries and donations.

Upon completion of his studies, Kevin was confronted with the same harsh reality that confronts many graduates in our country today; the struggle to secure a job beseeming his academic and professional qualifications. This however did not deter him from forging ahead with life; he took to doing odd jobs to fend for himself. Enured by his previous struggles and riding on a personal philosophy he describes as, ‘Kukata tamaa ni makosa ya jinai,’ loosely translated as ‘Giving up is a criminal offense,’ Kevin persisted until a befitting job opportunity beckoned. He is now working at KPMG International, one of the big 4 accounting firms globally.

We invited Kevin to share his inspiring story with our students during the closing event of the mentorship camp held between 25th – 27th April, 2024. We shall continue to engage Kevin and other young people who are succeeding in their academic and professional endeavors to mentor our beneficiaries and help steer them in the same paths.

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